Biobird, and his search for success in Colorado

Written by on October 9, 2018

Te Awamutu heights: Biobird, and his search for success in Colorado.

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Author: Oskar Howell


“I thought it was luck.” Caleb Bird muses, as he labours over a new tune.

Better known in the Hamilton music scene as Biobird, Bird recently found himself signed to Colorado-based record label Section 8 Records: something he puts down to luck.

“I thought I’d try my luck and send my demo to them, and they replied.”

Biobird’s EP Counter Productive has finally dropped, and is his first EP to be signed to the budding label.
It bangs.

Take track one for example. Counter Productive is a dark, intense throwback to grassroots dubstep.

“Old school vibes kind of remind me of early US Dubstep!”

Biobird’s avant-garde, new-age drum n bass and dubstep isn’t for the faint of heart, but is developing a massive cult following overseas.

Section 8, based in Colorado, USA, specialises in signing talent in the genre. With a huge social media following, Bird says he is excited to join a thriving US drum n bass scene.

“I’m excited to stick with Section 8 and release with them whenever I can!”

“I’m just planning to make all kinds of music, just always expanding into new genres.”

The EP preview has already clocked up a fair few plays and is finding recognition among international drum n bass radio stations, despite only offering a preview of what was to come.

“The EP is getting a fair few plays on Soundcloud. I’m happy with it.”

“This is getting rinsed next week at my show. Good lord! HEAVY!” said Kevin Jobe from

The EP is for sale on Section 8 Records‘ site, among other albums of a similar style.

Biobird was good for an interview previously, when we discussed his rise into the scene. You can read it here.


Original Source:
Author: Oskar Howell


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