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John Wilson AKA ArgentoVivo AKA Long John Silver AKA Bobo Cracksy is a musician born in Milano Italy in July 1984. He begins to approach musicality at the early age of 5, learning to play drums and guitar in Jam Sessions with his father and friends and mastering the art of improvisation. Around 12 years old he begins to dabble in graffiti, bombing and tagging with local crews. This brings him to the forefront of the hip hop movement in Milano. He leaves Italy for a few years at the age of 15 and lives in New Zealand (gets kicked out of numerous schools) and Antwerp/ Brussels Belgium where he begins to freestyle and write rap lyrics with artist/friend Bob Williumz. Upon returning to Milan in 2002 he begins to collaborate with a number of artists on the local hip-hop/ electronic music scene. In 2004 he reaches second international place and first european place in Bettina Werner’s international music competition “In the name of Salt” with a haunting Jazz/Blues Tune titled “The Salt Dance” in collaboration with his friend Aron Airaghi AKA Aquadrop. The collaboration with Aquadrop continues with a jazz fusion group called “the natural six”.In 2006 he founds the hip-hop collective JTAG CREW with fellow artists and friends Gab Gato and Gold Guadagni. They rapidly establish a worldwide network of hip-hop artists dedicated to the creation of good music and intelligent lyrics. In 2008 JTAG releases its first album “Milano Smokes” which receives a positive review in Groove Magazine without almost any promotion and no backing from the record industry. The JTAG Collective becomes one of the most active independant record lables in Milan and releases its second album “Dats Amore” in September 2010. Collaborations on this record include: K-Rino (south park coalition, Houston TX), Vaitea, S Dash Rock (SWE), Properlyrics (UK) and Vaitea. In late 2010 he also begins to experiment in the DubStep sub-genre. In collaboration with Aquadrop, once again, he releases the banger “No Competition” on the US based label Trenchant Dubs. In 2011 A.Vivo releases a mixtape entitled “Pieces Of Eight” under the moniker Long John Silver. This project contains many tracks collected over the years and collaborations include Myalansky from the notorious Wu Syndicate, reggae/dancehall artist Sha Qualamity, and Eros Quintus an MC from Berlin. In 2013 in collaboration with Gab Gato and 20100 records he releases the concept album “Mani Pulite” under the moniker B.o.b.o Cracksy. This is a deeply satyrical and theatrical project, created and directed artistically by ArgentoVivo himself, based on Italy’s darkest recent history. In 2016 He releases another concept album on Jtag Productions titled “Phonetikabalah”. Production on this album by Dequantiside, Gab Gato, Brad Beat, Aquadrop, Romek Delani, Wza, Djako. The album explores themes relating to mysticism and the esoteric. The latest project released under the moniker Long John is “kaleyedoscope” in collaboration with the Italian production trio Dequantiside. This body of work is possibly the most personal and autobiographical of all his works.

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